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Apple and Squash Recipes and Activities

I love the flavors of fall: apple sauce with cinnamon, pumpkin pie, butternut squash bisque, toasted pumpkin and squash seeds… my list could go on for a long time!  October is also a time when temperatures get cold and days … Continue reading

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Fall in the Forest

This past weekend I took some time to browse through past blog entries.  I noticed certain seasonal rituals and appreciations repeat themselves year after year.  Every fall, right about now, I renew my love of the forest and trees. As … Continue reading

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Exciting House Progress

For any of you out there who enjoy my blog for the stories about gardening, cooking, and working with children in nature, forgive me for yet another post full of house photos!  Yes, last week we canned and fermented hot sauce, … Continue reading

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Canning Tomatoes

If you’re interested in learning to preserve your own food, can tomatoes.  If you love the flavor of real sun ripened home grown tomatoes and miss it in the winter, can tomatoes.  Worried about BPA in liners of canned tomatoes?  Can … Continue reading

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New wall, new garden, new house!

Check out the progress that has happened at our new house!  Landscaping and framing are letting us really get a sense of how the finished house will be situated on the southern sloping land.  Meanwhile, dad is busy building our retaining … Continue reading

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August Harvest Recipes

Every day there’s more to harvest from the garden.  Tomatoes, herbs, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatillos, potatoes, onions, beans, squash … the list goes on.  Here are some favorite August recipes that we use to enjoy the in-season bounty.  Click on the … Continue reading

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House Photo Update

You may not have guessed, among stories of vegetables, gardening, and children in nature, that we’re building a house!  Actually, we go to work and pay other people (who are much smarter about construction) to build it for us.  We’re … Continue reading

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