Backyard Gardening: Construction Day

Subject: [BBQ] Get Dirty in My Backyard April 16th @ 11am

Message: Hey Guys, Come join me for some fun-in-the-early-spring-sun … If you just want to come get your hands dirty, you can do that – I’ll be setting up some raised gardening beds which means: sawing, nailing, measuring, moving dirt – and some other stuff we’ll find out about that day. If you just want to come for a burger, hot dog or veggie burger, that’s great, because there’ll be lots of those on hand…

The day was cooler than the weekend before, but it was April so we felt lucky it wasn’t raining.  Having a BBQ at the same time kept friends and family from constantly requesting jobs to help the garden construction process.  Tools were our limiting factor – with only one drill, assembling the frames took a little while and only used the energy of two folks.

Minor shoveling helped flatten the grade of the yard and grassy areas were turned under to keep weeds from growing up through our raised beds.  Stakes were set inside the corners of each frame so we could drill into them from the end of each board.

The yard’s soil was soft from rain earlier in the week, so standing on the completed corners caused the stakes to sink into the ground, anchoring each frame in place. We then solicited the energy of the crowd to move soil from the driveway into the raised beds.

After the fluffy soil was tamped down with a rake, we planted cool season crops including lettuce, spinach, chard, kale, peas, arugula and carrots.  In just a few hours, we built 64 square feet of beautiful growing space!

After gathering up our tools we went in to warm up with tea harvested and dried from a friend’s herb garden last year.  Later that night rain fell as we made our way to a birthday party – instead of getting upset, we thanked Mother Nature for taking one task off of our “to do” list.

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2 Responses to Backyard Gardening: Construction Day

  1. Evan Webster says:

    You did a great job of summarizing the day – let’s do it again some time!

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