Free Admission in Honor of MLK!

Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr. spent four years in Boston in the ’50s?  I just learned that he came here to complete his PhD at Boston University!   I also just found out that all National Parks and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts are free in honor of MLK Day and thought I should spread the word.

  • On Monday, the MFA is free for all.  The new wing is open and Wood Sculpture, Modernist Photography, Aphrodite, Beauty as Duty, and Around the World in Water Color are just a few of the subjects of current exhibitions.  There’s also a bunch of cool events  including a Local Youth Film Shorts Showcase, chorus concerts, and free tours.
  • All National Parks are free for the whole long weekend!   Yes, that means that from the 16th through the 18th, anyone can visit any National Park without paying.  That includes Boston Harbor Islands, Saugus Iron Works, and the Olmsted site for those of us in the Boston area.  You can also use this website to see what other National Parks are in Massachusetts.


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One Response to Free Admission in Honor of MLK!

  1. Evan Webster says:

    Long live the national parks!

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