Early Signs of Spring

On Groundhog Day, February 2, 2012, I noticed Iris leaves poking up into the air, swelling of the buds of some street trees, and blooming Snow Drops scattered across a yard I passed as I returned to my apartment from a morning jog.  We can’t possibly have a long winter, right?

Unfortunately, it took me almost a month to get outside to actually photograph early signs of spring in my neighborhood.  But it is still February.  And I  am still constantly surprised by the things I see plants doing in front yards across the city.

My delay did allow me to take advantage to a predictable change we all appreciate at the end of February: I can go on a walk after five and still enjoy some daylight!  Dusk quickly approached, making it hard to take well focused photos.  As the subject is time sensitive, I’m posting them anyway!  What unusually early signs of spring have you noticed?

An over-wintered Pansy flowering!
Budding illuminated by the sunset
Summer Street sunset
The biggest surprise: Vinca/Myrtle blooming? Doesn't this normally happen in the summer?

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