The big move: Somerville, MA to Charlotte, VT

I’m in final stages of packing up my apartment in preparation for a move to Vermont.  Along with clothes, shoes, bedding, and other standard possessions, I’ve had a few more eclectic projects as I pack.  I cleaned up my worm bin and will be donating it to Groundwork Somerville.  I’ve divided up my porch garden and rescued some of the volunteer seedlings that sprouted up in my landlord’s flower garden (after last year’s seeds flew down from my porch).   They’re all going into pots intended for specific friends, school gardens, and community spaces.

As I pack, I’ve also had time to reflect about my change in homes and communities.  Somerville and Charlotte are dramatically different.

Here are a few of the statistics, Somerville vs. Charlotte (from Wikipedia):
-Population:  75,754 vs 3,569
-Area: 4.2 square miles (0.1 sq. mi. water) vs.  50.4 square miles (9.0 sq. mi. water)
-Population Density: 18,147.6 per square mile vs. 86.0 per square mile
3 zip codes and 2 area codes vs. 1 zip code and 1 area code (for the whole state)
69.1% white vs.  97.93% white
-Public transport including bus, metro, commuter rail access, and bike paths vs. a ferry to New York State
-Established in 1842 vs 1762

I hope you’ll continue to visit my blog, converse, learn, and grow!  In Vermont I will continue to  compile memories, observations, pictures, and stories as I garden and enjoy time outside.  My posts are often motivated by friends’ questions.  It’s usually easier for me to write up a response in a blog rather than go back and forth with texts, calls, or email.  If you ever have gardening questions, let me know and help inspire future blog posts!

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1 Response to The big move: Somerville, MA to Charlotte, VT

  1. cara says:

    Very jealous. I live in Somerville and want more than anything to move to Vermont. Have a Great time.

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