VT: One Month in Photos

It’s hard for me to believe that we’ve been living in Vermont for a month already.  I had fun this rainy morning looking back through the photos (no, not quite all are of food).  Here are a few highlights:

The move went incredibly smoothly – here is proof that everything has been moved in to our new home.

Dad’s regular evening fishing sessions across the road pay off. Pogo, at his feet, is clearly interested.

We manage to fit three people into the car along with the strawberries.

Wine tasting becomes an evening-long event when so many home-made flavors are on the menu.

The wine/beer/mead tasters relax in the last few rays of sun.

Getting ready for a Father’s Day bike ride.

Evan’s new summer office.

Sweat marks the spot: Evidence that two sweaty post-jog people are nearby

Let the summer veggie processing begin: out with the strawberries, in with the peas.

Pogo, surprisingly, makes friends with our largest resident garter snake.

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4 Responses to VT: One Month in Photos

  1. sam says:


  2. websterweb says:

    lovely pictures, good life!

  3. Ginny Jaskot says:

    Can’t wait to visit in a few weeks. Those strawberries and peas look feast-iful, not to mention all those wines!…

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