Dressing up Salads

At last!  We’re eating fruits and roots out of the garden – not just leaves and shoots. Though lettuce and asparagus are still in our weekly harvest mix, our salads are getting much more colorful and interesting as peas, carrots, kohlrabi, cucumbers, and summer squash mature in the garden.

Almost everyone who has eaten at our home in Vermont can remember the salad dressing – a garlicky dijon that is a meal time fixture all year round.  At this point, we pour in the ingredients and adjust to taste without using a recipe.  Due to popular demand, we finally took out the measuring spoons and wrote out a recipe to share.  The creamy dressing is great for green and grain salads.

To make one quart, combine:
-1/2 cup Grey Poupon (or any dijon mustard)
-1.5 cup plain yogurt
-1/4 cup cider vinegar.
-Mix above until homogenous.
-Grate in 4-6 cloves garlic.  Mix.
-Add 2 cups olive oil (For a milder flavor, pick a veggetable oil that is fresh, organic and cold pressed to avoid rancidity and genetic modification, processing, and preservative use in conventional options)
-Whisk or blend in a food processor until homogenous.
-Add salt or more of any of the ingredients above to taste.

We like to use on green salads, like the ones below; as a dip for carrot, cucumber or kohlrabi sticks; or to flavor a favorite combination of barley, asparagus, and hazelnuts!

Strawberry, sugar snap pea, and pea tendril spring salad

Cucumber, carrot, summer squash, arugula, and dill on lettuce

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5 Responses to Dressing up Salads

  1. Evan Webster says:

    Yummy salads!

    And wow … a recipe that’s measured out and everything, what’s gotten into you 🙂

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