Shenandoah Vacation

As you may have noticed by the lack of recent posts, we went on vacation!  We sandwiched a great 4-day trip to Shenandoah between a weekend of wedding festivities for two of our best friends – Alex and Lauren – and a Webster Family Reunion.  Some of the highlights are pictured below.  Next week I’ll get back to more literal Growing Stories.

The trails weren’t all as wide and flat as this one, but they were all very well maintained and marked. Go National Parks!

A quick cool-off head dunk, and then we’re on our way.

Appreciating the view and sound of rushing water from waterfalls to our left.

The best waterfall rock sliding cool pool ever. Or inspiration for the first ever bath tub?

The top of Old Rag Mountain – the best hike of my life (so far). None of our pictures do it justice. Anyone who visits Shenandoah should definitely hike Old Rag!

Rocks were doing crazy things in the scramble down from Old Rag’s summit.

As the path leveled off, we looked ahead…

Stoney Man summit. The previous night’s rain caused low hanging clouds and fog to obscure most of the views on our last day. We were lucky to have a bit of clear weather for our last hike.

All photos are by Tai Dinnan or Evan Webster

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One Response to Shenandoah Vacation

  1. Love your photos. And what a surprise with that rock pool!

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