Tomato Time, Salsa Season

Can you believe the wonderful coincidence?  All the ingredients needed for salsa are peaking in the garden.  Nothing is better at the end of a sunny August day than a just-made batch of salsa using freshly picked ingredients.  Our veggies worked all day to convert the sun’s rays into sugars, and now we get to gobble them up!  Check out our basic salsa recipe below, and then experiment and adjust to integrate other fruits and veggies you have on hand. All quantities are approximate – we allow them to ebb and flow depending on what is coming out of the garden.  We use a food processor to chop up the ingredients.  If you don’t have one, you can dice everything by hand to make a chunkier but equally tasty dish.

Basic Salsa Recipe
-Wash tomatoes (5), tomatillos (10), onions (2), bell/sweet peppers (2), jalapeño/hot pepper (1), and cilantro (small bunch)
-Chop into large chunks using a paring knife, depositing the tomatoes and tomatillos into one bowl, and the onions, peppers, and cilantro into a second.  This cutting step ensures that you won’t get left with any huge chunks after a quick blend in the food processor.  We’ve found that separating the soft (tomato and tomatillo) and hard (pepper and onion) ingredients allows us to achieve a better final consistency.
-Blend your soft ingredients briefly.  Make sure all chunks are small (but not liquified).  Dump into your mixing bowl.
-Blend your hard ingredients.  This may take a bit longer.  Make sure all onions and hot peppers are processed small enough to avoid startlingly spicy mouthfuls when eating.
-Stir together both batches.
-Use a fine colander or sieve to remove nearly all of the liquid (save for drinking or soup)
-Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt to your strained salsa.  If you don’t have tomatillos (or even if you do), you may also want to add a squirt of lime juice.
-Stir and taste.  Adjust.  Enjoy!

Our basic fresh salsa, ready to eat

In this batch, we added peaches and corn to our ingredient list! Highly recommended, especially if you have these fresh ingredients available in August where you live.

Dinner of corn on the cob; rice; garlicky black beans with sweet red peppers and toasted cumin, corn chips, and two salsas. Mmm!

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