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The April Garden

wild leeks ramps photoThe dry start to April allowed us to get a nice swatch of garden tilled and ready to plant.  So in went the pea seeds!  We covered last fall’s late crop of spinach with layer of hay, and the survivors have now been transplanted into a row flanked by rows of new seed.  Garlic leaves have emerged from their hay mulch.  The wierd bulb and crinkled new leaves of rhubarb seems to be hatching from the ground.  Perennials like chives, sorrel, and horseradish have beautiful tender young leaves.   Ramps (wild leeks) are the first edible plants to green the riverbank.  We’re dreaming of fiddleheads and asparagus!




rhubarb(Photos from top: Wild leeks/ramps, pogo helps out!, , garlic shoots, peas and spinach, and emerging rhubarb)

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