One Year Back in Vermont

one-vt-yearLast Memorial Day Weekend, we packed up the Uhaul and moved to Vermont.  Being here one complete year leads to many appreciations.  I love having the time to notice and truly appreciate the seasonal shifts of plants, animals, and  weather while finding comfort in the steady unchanging presence of the landforms.  I love having the space to grow our own eggs, berries and vegetables. I love driving down the back roads to buy grassfed meat and milk from neighbors.  I love hearing birds, frogs, and insects when I sit on the porch reading.  I love the smell of the air.   The slower pace of life has left me more balanced after a year and has allowed me more time to go on long walks, catch up on my reading list, and concoct in the kitchen. I’m grateful to have parents and a boyfriend who appreciate these same things, and have been happy to live under the same roof.  Finally, I’m grateful to have found a job that connects me to our Monkton neighbors and keeps my on my feet (or toes?) every afternoon, often allowing me to spend time with kids in the forest, garden, playground, and kitchen.


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One Response to One Year Back in Vermont

  1. Evan says:

    Vermont and I love having you too! Even the black ants like having you around – except when you eat them!

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