Making Salsa with Kids

Kids-Chopping-SungoldsSalsa is my favorite garden recipe in August.  It can be basic or creative, integrating many of the fruits and veggies that are ripening at this time of year.  Check out last year’s salsa post to see some of my favorite flavor combinations.

Kids-Chopping-TomatoesWhen making salsa with kids, I give them each a plastic knife.  The serrations break through tomato skins, allowing each helper to safely and easily cut each fruit into smaller pieces.  When everyone has a task and a tool in the kitchen, preparing food is always more peaceful and productive!

Kids-Peeling-TomatillosNext we dump our “chunked” items along with 1/4 of an adult-cut-onion and some cilantro into a food processor.  Each helper can take a turn pressing the buttons and seeing the concoction blend.  When the salsa is chopped up but still a bit chuncky, we pour it out, drain off some liquid, add a few dashes of salt, and enjoy with corn chips.  This is definitely a garden recipe that most young cooks are willing to try.

This year I was feeling creative so we concocted rainbow salsa!  Check out our “before” and “after” photos below:

Peppers, Cilantro, Tomatillos, and Tomatoes

Peppers, Cilantro, Tomatillos, and Tomatoes


Red, Orange, and Green Salsa

Looking for more edible rainbows for kids?  Check out the array of edible flowers I brought to summer camp last week!


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