Corn Husk Dolls

Corn husks are great  materials for fall crafts.  I introduced our Corn Husk Doll making activity by reading The Legend of the No Face Doll to the students.  We then went outside to a picnic table to create our own dolls (being outside made for easy clean up!).  Older students worked longer, inventively using the yarn and corn husks to create families and pets.  Younger students needed help from an adult to create their dolls, and enjoyed playing with them in our outdoor play space for the remainder of the afternoon.

Roll a small husk for inside the head:

Wrap the ball with a medium husk:


And pinch it at the neck:

Pinch a hole in a thick stack of broad husks:


Poke the head through the hole and fold the thick stack of husks for the body:


Fold a long thin husk in half and roll if necessary to make a thin compact bundle.  Tuck into the body for arms:


Tie at waist with yarn:


Separate “dress” in two for pant legs if desired.  Tie at ankles:


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