December Excitement: Cooking and Crafts

Snow is in the air, and people around here are excited for winter!  With less than an inch of snow on the ground, my students immediately got to work building snow forts, catching flakes in their tongues, and following animal tracks through our wooded play space.  I started dreaming about eggnog and Christmas cookies, and sat down to cut my first paper snowflake of the year.  I’ve listed some December highlights from past years below for you to enjoy.  Happy Winter!

Table Decoration

Last year I did some delicious experimentation with my first batches of homemade eggnog.  Now that it feels really wintery out, I’m eager to make another batch.

Egg nog homemade

In my family, there are two cookies that must be at any holiday celebration: spritz and pepperkaker.  This blog post includes the recipes for these two favorites in addition to fond Christmas Eve Smorgasbord reminiscing.


Snowy adventures are a key ingredient in transforming your kitchen into the coziest place on earth.  This blog post includes my tips for enjoying snowy weather with kids or adults, plus step-by-step instructions for cutting beautiful six-sided paper snowflakes.


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