Making Soothing Salves

Vermont’s cold dry wintery air has never been a friend to my hands.  Every winter I rely on salve to keep my finger tips from cracking and my knuckles from getting chapped.  This year, I discovered how easy it is to make salve myself!


Ingredients: Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, beeswax , and essential oils
Materials: Small microwavable bowls, measuring spoons, and small jars


I couldn’t believe I had almost everything I needed right in our kitchen!  I used olive oil from our cupboard and beeswax candle stubs we’d saved over the past year.  I decided to make two varieties – lemon and lavender.  After buying essential oils at our local health food store, I was ready to go.

1) Heat beeswax in microwave: My goal when making the salves was to not over-heat my olive oil or essential oils.  Liquid oils go rancid easily, especially when heated to high temperatures.  Therefore, I started by heating beeswax, which I knew would need high temperatures to become liquid.  For my 4 oz. batch, I used  1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons of beeswax.  The wax  turned to liquid after several sessions of 3 minutes in our microwave,.

2) Measure oil: While waiting for the beeswax to melt, I measured 6 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon of oil into a second small microwavable bowl.  I then warmed the oil briefly in the microwave.

3) Combine ingredients: Using the oily measuring spoons, I added the liquid beeswax to the oil (residual oil made it easy to wipe off the remaining wax).  The wax hardened in the oil, so I microwaved my combined ingredients until everything was liquid again.  I then added 6 drops of essential oil and stirred.

4) Test:  I dipped my finger in the warm liquid and brushed the oil onto the back of my hand to test the smell and feel.  I decided to add one more drop of essential oil.

5) Spoon into containers: Using my tablespoon measure, I carefully spooned my warm liquid salve into small containers and set them gently aside to cool.

6) Enjoy!: I plan on using my calming lavender salve at night and my next batch – uplifting lemon – during the day.  These little jars will also make great gifts.



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