Winter Exploration

Two weeks ago we had the rare chance to skate across Lake Champlain on black ice.  Sub-zero temperatures and a lack of precipitation were not so fun for those of us who love playing in the snow, but they were ideal for building beautiful ice.  And then, last week, snow finally fell and temperatures rose into the 20s.  Finally!  A chance to do all of the snowy recreation we’ve all been craving.  Check out photos of our winter adventures below.  If you’re curious about tracking animals, check out last year’s winter blog posts: Encouraging Curiosity and Problem Solving with Animal Tracking and River Walk.

Walking on water: a view toward the Vermont shore with Thompson's Point and Mount Philo

Walking on water: a view toward the Vermont shore with Thompson’s Point and Mount Philo in the distance


Enjoying black ice between Split Rock Mountain, NY and Thompson’s Point, VT

Mount Philo Sledding

Mount Philo Sledding: The hike up

Mount Philo Sledding: The Ride Down

Mount Philo Sledding: The ride down

Our snow-covered river road

Our snow-covered river road

Over the river and through the woods

Over the river and through the woods

A turkey takes off

A turkey takes off

The road home

The road home

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4 Responses to Winter Exploration

  1. jolynnpowers says:

    Wow just seeing you ice skating on the black ice make my heart beat faster… winters here are usually this cold for so long.. January median temps are in the 40’s so ice skating is a rare thing… I think you would have had to push me out on the ice… very funny phobia but a safe one…. so nice to see that you are trying to back the best of all this snow and cold! Jolynn

  2. taidinnan says:

    What a different perspective Jolynn! We love our seasons up here, including winter. Everyone gets sad when it goes above freezing because we lose our ice and snow!

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