Is it Spring yet?

snow-pilesI’ll admit it: I loved getting one more big snow storm before spring.  And it transformed into great packing snow, allowing us to build forts and snow creatures when temperatures rose above freezing.  What a lot of building material we had to work with!  Each morning this week when I wake up to sub-zero temperatures, however, I find myself yearning more and more for spring.

Ice crystals still form on the windows, blocking the view of the sunrise.

Ice crystals still form on the windows, blocking the view of the sunrise.

The good news about early spring in New England, is that it signals the start of Maple Sugaring Season.  We’ve had a few days when temperatures rose above freezing, allowing sap to flow.  I didn’t have great luck with my first sumac spile (a.k.a. tap), so I made a second.  I didn’t want my spile to completely plug my hole.  This time I shaved away the bottom tip, drilled a deeper hole into the tree, and didn’t hammer the spile in as deep.  This, I hoped, would allow sap flowing through the trunk to pool up inside my hole and flow out the spile.   I set my bucket under the tap on the ground so that it wouldn’t disturb the spile in its hole.  Success!  I collected about a gallon of sap before temperatures dipped back below freezing.


Here are a few more photos after the last snowstorm, which dumped over a foot of snow. Wild March winds created drifts that evolved through the day and caught the beautiful dark blue of the evening sky.



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1 Response to Is it Spring yet?

  1. websterweb says:

    wonderful to have a snow that is real snow and not some mixture of sleet rain and snow…

    glad you got this storm; wish we had it also.


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