Tea Time


May in Vermont is truly beautiful.  Bright blue skies and the vivid greens of fields and forests are such a contrast from the greys and browns of early spring.  Song birds and flower blooms add spots of color to the landscape.  Asparagus and fiddlehead shoots have emerged, giving us our first bountiful harvests of the year.  And early spring greens are loving the warm sun, rain showers, and cool nights.  This is the time of year when young herbs are tender and flavorful.  After a winter of dried herbal teas, it’s exciting to be able to harvest fresh leaves for refreshing drinks.  Try making sun tea with your kids – simply leave a jar out in a sunny spot for the day!  We enjoy herbal tea hot or cooled; plain, sweetened with honey or syrup, or soured with a twist of lemon or lime.



The photos above are of lemon balm, mint, and anise hyssop leaves.  Most of the plants in the mint family come up in early spring, and are now tall enough to harvest leaves without hurting the plants.  For tips on harvesting herbs, check out this post.  To learn about drying and preserving herbs and flowers from your garden, click here.  Cheers to spring!

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