Cloud Spotting with Kids

No matter where you live, you can count on clouds overhead when playing outside.  Clouds can inspire beautiful art, spark the imagination, help predict the weather, and more!  Toady at summer camp, I told the following stories as we lay on our backs, staring up at the sky.   Afterward, we shared the shapes we saw: a house, a duck, a butterfly, and a guy with fire streaming up from his head.  What a fun combination of science and sillies!


 The Cloud Family:

Poor Uncle STRATUS is always gloomy and lays down his dark cloak over the land.  With him comes rain and drizzle.

Aunt CUMULUS dresses up in puffy billowy cotton-ball dresses and loves to come out in fine weather to sunbathe in the blue sky.

The CIRRUS cousins look thin and wispy – they all come out to play before bad weather.  They run so fast across the sky that all you can see are the white streaks they leave behind.


Which cloud would you want to play with?  If you were in the cloud family, who would you be?


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