Homemade Holidays


Holidays can be full of angst, over-eating, and consumerism.  Without much additional effort, however, they can be rich: full of delicious food, meaningful family traditions, community appreciation, playfulness outside in the snow, and thoughtful gift giving.  With vacation from work and more time at home with the family, holidays are the perfect opportunity to try making favorite foods from scratch.  Projects in the kitchen are the perfect way to fill cold winter days.  Crafting your own holiday presents can also make for useful and meaningful gifts for your friends and family.

Dinnans IllustrationTwo years ago, I decided to make eggnog from scratch.   Now that I’ve enjoyed the homemade version, I’ll never buy it from the store again!  Several past DIY experiments have also turned into go-to gifts ideas.  Have you ever made your own salves or hand lotion?  Here’s a post with other DIY gifts for food lovers.  And of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without your family’s favorite cookies.  Here are the recipes for our favorite Christmas treats.  Have a happy holiday season!

A view from my walk around our "block."

A view from my walk around our “block.”

Snowy Lewis Creek

Snowy Lewis Creek

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