Fun with Eggs and Natural Dyes

One welcome sign of spring at our house: the chickens have boosted their egg production.  After reading about different natural dyes to use when decorating easter eggs, I decided to try making colorful deviled eggs.  Success!  The results were both colorful and delicious.


I boiled the following ingredients in 1 cup water, and then added cider vinegar and salt, to make a soaking brine for my peeled hard boiled eggs.  From left to right: 1) Three slices of beet  2) 1/4 cup elderberries and 1 teaspoon baking soda  3) 1 tablespoon turmeric  4) 1/4 cup elderberries.  Next time I may experiment with mixing these primary colors to create green and orange eggs!

After letting them sit in the brine for the afternoon, I removed the eggs and used my simple and flexible deviled egg recipe to prepare our yummy and colorful snacks.  They really looked great, and tasted great, served on a bed of arugula.



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