Delicious Tomato Cobbler


There is a new recipe to slip into our annual September rhythms of making gallons of salsa, canning tomatoespan frying eggplants, eating cherry tomatoes off the vine, and savoring sun ripened fall raspberries.

I came across a recipe for Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal Chedder Buscuits when looking for a way to use our overflowing basket of sungold tomatoes.  Some of them were cracked and needed to be used up.  Most importantly, more and more were ripening every day and we needed to make a dent in our supply.


I wanted something delicious that didn’t require cutting every cherry tomato in half or any other tedious processing.  This recipe results in a truly mouthwatering meal-in-a- bowl with plenty of garlic and onion.  It highlights the sour and sweet sungold tomatoes complemented by warm fluffy cheesy biscuits on top.   My only adjustment was to soak the flour in the buttermilk a day ahead of time and use masa harina instead of cornmeal.  Ripped up basil leaves add a nice green garnish and an fresh herbal flavor to this delicious baked dish. Mmmmmm!


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