Back to Basics: Simple Winter Veggie Dishes

Thanksgiving is certainly an exciting and delicious celebration for those of us who love to prepare and eat food. Having enjoyed my fair share of tender meat, freshly baked breads, sweet fruit sauces, and dessert, dessert, and more dessert, I’m very much looking forward to a return to simple vegetable-focused meals.


Winter-Kale-brussels-harvestDecember is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the many varieties of sweet and earthy squashes and frost-sweetened mildly bitter greens. Though complex recipes often reward cooks with delicious results, equally yummy meals can be cooked up with very little effort. Add some shredded cheese, a poached egg, or a sprinkling of nuts and you’ll be well on your way to a satisfying, flavorful, filling, and nourishing meal.

Butternut squashSquash: Squashes come in all shapes and sizes and can be enjoyed in a huge variety of textures with a wide range of flavorings.  Read this post and decide which recipe you want to try next!


Winter-Kale-brussels-harvestKale: When cooked just the right amount with plenty of healthy fat and seasonings, kale really can live up to its hype.  These are my two favorite ways to prepare kale – they’re quite different and equally satisfying.


brussel-sprouts-gardenBrussels Sprouts: Here are my two go-to methods for cooking Brussels Sprouts .  Lucky for your dinner prep plans, they are really much better when cooked quickly at a high heat.  This helps cooks avoid any of the mushy or sulphery versions of this delicious kale cousin.


Tomato-soup-with-toastCanned Tomatoes: Don’t forget to start using your supply of preserved fruits and vegetables  Here’s my Basic Tomato Soup recipe.  It’s my favorite (and easiest) way to enjoy sun-ripened garden tomatoes canned during the growing season.

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