Gratitude in the New Year

A hawk’s eye view of the frigid sunset from our house

Mindfulness.  Gratitude.  Being present in the moment and looking wisely into the future.

There are many things to reflect on about 2015 and think forward to in the new year.  Getting married and settling into a new home were big events for me in 2015.  My new year’s reflections this year are centered in gratitude.  I feel incredibly lucky for so many things.  Most of all, in 2016 I hope to keep this spirit of gratefulness alive as we settle into our new home and establish new rhythms.

Today I walked up Mount Philo, a familiar place to many who grew up here.  Now that we live on its southern slope, I’ve found a new appreciation for the beautiful walk, opportunity to be outside in nature, and the spectacular view from the top Mt. Philo provides to so many.  Here are some photos that capture the new year from our little spot in the Champlain Valley.




hugged-camels-hump(in order: View to the West, Wintery Picnic, Our Valley, and Tree Hugged Camel’s Hump)
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4 Responses to Gratitude in the New Year

  1. diane says:

    Beautiful! Thank you!

  2. websterweb says:

    The austere beauty of snow covered landscape. Thank you for your words and pics, Tai

  3. profdmilton says:

    Love the photos! Great to see you at New Years.

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