Winter & Valentine’s Crafts


Well, we just lost what little snow we had.  Our first week of February’s forecast is full of highs above freezing.  If we can’t play in the snow, we might as well pretend it’s cold out and do some cozy winter projects inside.  Here are some fun ideas for dark winter afternoons, evenings by the fire, and preparations for Valentine’s Day.


Paper snowflakes and heart doilies: Cut paper snowflakes out of white paper, and use the same technique to cut heart doilies out of red paper.  Click here to learn how to cut six-sided snowflakes.  Check out the photo at the top of this post to see our results.


Heart Sewing: These make great cards!  Use a sharp pencil, pen, or awl to poke holes in thick paper as shown below.  Cut an arm-length piece of yarn and wrap a bit of tape around one end to make it poky and stiff.  Tape the other end to the top of the back side of your paper.  Using the tape end like a needle, sew in and out to create a heart, as shown above.  Experiment with other simple patterns for children to sew.



Simple Weaving: This is a great follow-up for children who enjoyed the heart sewing project above.  Use a large eyed blunt tipped needle, yarn, and a tissue box to teach a child to weave!  Wind the “warp” string around the box 6-10 times (grey yarn above).  Tape along each end to hold in place.  Thread your “weft” yarn (green yarn above) and weave your needle above, below, above, below, etc. until you’ve gone over and under all of the warp strings.  Pull yarn through, stopping before the very end slips through. Tape the yarn end to the box.  Continue going over and under, back and forth, until you’ve traveled across the box.  Children who completed these in my program turned them into headbands.


Enjoy some love-ly snacks!  I like cutting snack veggies into hearts for valentines day.  This works for any long round veggie (carrots, cucumbers, radishes), though these watermelon radishes are the perfect color.  Cut a triangle out of one side, and cut the other side into a point.  Then simply cut slices from tip to end.  Instead of rounds, you’ll get hearts!



Hope you’re having a lovely winter and have a happy Valentine’s Day

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