Our House is “Best of the Best!”


We knew we liked our house, and we knew it was energy efficient, but it came as a happy surprise to learn that Efficiency Vermont gave Fiddlehead Construction the 2016 Merit Award in New Residential Construction for their accomplishments in building our house.  We really enjoyed working with Ken Ruddy and the Fiddlehead Construction crew and were impressed with his ability to build such a tight and functional house within our budget.  Coupled with the award winning efficiency results, we are even more excited to spread the word about this awesome home construction company.

Check out the poster displaying our house, from the Better Building by Design Conference:



Read the rave review we posted on Front Porch Forum about Ken and Fiddlehead:

We would like to let our local community know how happy we are to have worked with Ken Ruddy of Fiddlehead Construction for the designing and building (within our budget!) of our new high-efficiency home in Charlotte. 

This is an unsolicited recommendation and our hope is that anyone considering building a new home in the area will consider getting a quote from Ken (425-7019 or rudk1@aol.com ). He’s based in North Ferrisburgh and we couldn’t be more pleased with the house-building process and quality of the end product.

We were interested in building a moderately-sized energy-efficient home and this matched up perfectly with what Ken is trying to do in this area. He’s impressively up-to-date on the latest technologies (heat pumps, air circulation, solar-ready roof, passive solar design, extremely thick walls with air gaps, triple-pane European windows, dry basement, sustainable materials, and more!). The result of his knowledge and efforts is an Efficiency Vermont Gold Tier house that we expect to be low-maintenance and inexpensive to heat/cool.

In addition to the structural and sustainable attributes above we were also blown away with Ken and his crew’s attention to detail and finish work. Ken is a former fine furniture maker so the custom-milled counters, sills, rails, etc. were gorgeously crafted and immaculately installed. We didn’t have to “check up on” the progress of the house to make sure anything was up to our standards – everything surpassed our expectations.

His crew was fantastic. Most importantly they all seemed to genuinely enjoy working on the house and working together. We enjoyed chatting with them and the resulting good vibes is undoubtedly a benefit to the house and made the process that much more enjoyable for us.

From some of the ways we’ve described our house it would be understandable to assume it was extremely expensive and financially out of reach for most people. We don’t think that’s the case at all.  We told Ken our budget, and he designed the house to fit within those constraints.  We don’t think we could have gotten a better value from anyone. There are some inherent material price increases (more insulation costs more money than less insulation) when building an efficient house. But when we considered the long-term costs and benefits it was a no brainer. We plan to be in this neighborhood for the next twenty+ years.  With that in mind, creating a home this way could not be cheaper.  Our entire house runs on electricity (heating/cooling, hot water, and stove), so when we save up enough money to put PV solar panels on our southern roof, we will be able to eliminate all utility costs.

Want to make your home more efficient or build a new energy efficient home?  Be sure to work with Efficiency Vermont.  They offered Ken, as the contractor, and us, as the homeowners, many free services and support to help make our house as efficient as possible  They are an amazing resource to Vermont residents!

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1 Response to Our House is “Best of the Best!”

  1. jolynnpowers says:

    wonderful that you got together and were able to create such a wonderful home… great job to both of you !

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