Easter Eggs

With cool wet weather, topped with scattered flurries, it’s hard to imagine that Easter is in two days!  We felted Easter Eggs this week after school.  This project turned out to be a great way for our mixed-age group to make something they were proud of and warm up their hands after playing outside in the cold muck.  Most of us benefited from some salve on our hands after an afternoon playing in the mud followed by working with soapy suds.  I also plan on making another batch of naturally dyed deviled eggs for our Easter meal.  Read last year’s blog post to learn how to make these playfully colorful and delicious eggs!

felting-set-upThis year’s egg felting required less adult help compared to last year.  Most children took two sessions to complete their egg.  On the first day, they felted a plain white ball, which generally ended up oval naturally.  On the second day, we added a layer of color.  This allowed the process to happen fairly quickly each day, making the project manageable for four- to ten-year-olders.  Our soft fuzzy colorful final products would make great easter presents for dolls and stuffed animals at home!

To felt our egg-shaped balls, we followed the same process as when felting balls to make acorns.  Get the instructions and supplies list here.  We started with a ball of undyed wool about the size of the child’s fist.


The second day children could choose 2-4 colors to wrap around their white egg.  Repeating the same process, they felted the colorful layer around their existing egg, covering any cracks with beautiful stripes.



Have a happy Easter!

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One Response to Easter Eggs

  1. jolynnpowers says:

    have always wanted to do some wet felting but never seem to have time to learn.. these are wonderful

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