Scenes from our Window


The biggest red-tailed hawk I’ve ever seen:  Gripping the bouncing branch tightly in her talons.  Preening.  Buffeted by the wind all the while.

Deer and more deer:  Healthy, sleek.  Here there and everywhere.  Big and up-close.  A dozen dots a mile away.  Lending a sense of scale to our landscape view.

Bluebird feast: Juniper and sumac berries gave a burst of color.  Past holiday spirit to the front stoop.  Magicians, our local bluebirds help them disappear.  Branches quickly denuded by resourceful winter residents.

A fox trot: Stately jog across the field.  Stopping to sniff.  Stopping to look.  Fully present in the moment.  Glowing with the back-lit aura of early morning sun.

Red Maples blush: Up close bursts of deeply red stars decorating every branch tip.  From the window, a blushing forest.  A premonition of leaves to come.

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2 Responses to Scenes from our Window

  1. Evan says:

    Is this part of national poetry month? Beautiful descriptions!

  2. patb2014 says:

    lovely and descriptive post!

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