First Harvests


Gardens and gardening have always been present  in my life.  First they were the things my mom worked in while I played nearby on summer vacations.  Sometimes I had to help, like when the pea rows grew together and I was the only one that could fit through the tunnel to harvest the sugary snap peas trapped in the jungle of tendrils.  Then there were the community gardens that I stared at enviously from the wrong side of the fence in college.  That’s when I first realized how much I took back-yard-garden-grown veggies for granted.  Then, as Schoolyard Gardens Coordinator, gardens became my job.   Back in Vermont, I was the happy helper in my parents extensive gardens, growing enough produce for the four of us all year round.  This summer, finally, we can begin to establish our own big garden right outside our own house.  AND, I’m really excited!

Our garden is on the southern slope of a field that used to house cows.  It’s fertile and loamy, and FULL of roots and weed seeds.  We tilled the patch last fall, built a fence, and covered the beds with blankets of hay for the winter.  Though it’s just mid April, we are already growing a really healthy crop of grass!


No, my first harvest isn’t edible.  At least for humans.  But it did make me a very proud happy gardener to “harvest” ten gallons of grass and roots this sunny afternoon.  With sunny warm days forecasted, I’m sure I’ll get a few more buckets every day this April Vacation.  Happy Gardening!


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