Spring Outside


What is good news for my garden and yard is bad news for my blog.  Every spare moment in May was spent establishing our new garden, nestled in our sunny gently sloping field. Grass, along with horsetails, thistles, and milkweed, have been happy residents of this spot for years and are not giving up without a fight.  When my back needed a break from weeding row after row, I would mow, trying to keep our small yard from turning back into a field.

Admittedly, spending mornings and evenings outside in the sunshine and fresh air feels like a luxury.  I certainly never wished I were (or thought I should be) inside on my computer.  Being in the garden day after day allowed me to sink my roots into our new land, appreciating the subtle seasonal shifts in smells, tastes, bird and butterfly visitors, and distant valley views.

What is even better news for my garden is that I now have time to start posting blogs again!  All the seeds and seedlings have been planted and weeding can be handled in shorter sessions a few times a week.  Our resident bluebirds and swallows keep an eye on things and remove pesky veggie-eating bugs.  Our fence reminds neighbor deer and rabbit to find their dinner elsewhere.  We are enjoying bountiful salads topped with fresh herbs and flowers whenever we want.  This year my garden has helped me deeply soak in the pleasures of spring in Vermont.  For this I am grateful.


Yes, milkweed, you may grow outside my garden gate.  No, horsetail, you may not grow in my broccoli row.






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One Response to Spring Outside

  1. patb2014 says:

    quite a bounty already! Your flowers are beautiful…

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