Celebrating Beauty in Daily Life

Events near and far over the past few weeks have provided me with a steady stream of reminders to cherish the bounty, beauty, and stability of my daily life.   It is an incredible luxury to live in such a beautiful place AND have the time to tend a bountiful garden, walk regularly in the forest, swim in the lake, and prepare meals with delicious fresh whole foods.  Here are some pictures I took while remembering to intentionally soak in the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures in and around our home.

I am grateful for:


Edible flowers


The view from Mt. Philo, and that Mt. Philo is in my back yard


Daily harvests


Shades of green


Camp porch sunsets


Grandmother trees


Tasting the rainbow


Having food to share – with friends and wildlife


Orange yolks


Long swims in Lake Champlain


Food as art


Standing out in the sun and rain to admire a rainbow


A full wheelbarrow of weeds


Having time to notice beauty in nature


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6 Responses to Celebrating Beauty in Daily Life

  1. Evan says:

    Wow, nice post! Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Diane says:

    This is a beautiful post and important reminder of how to shore up our hope and energy for doing what it takes to not elect Trump and to make it true that Black Lives Matter, and Blue.

  3. Deborah Katz says:

    Yes, the little and big things are all around us. I’ll add what is implicit — love, friendship, cooperation, good people doing the best they can do for each other.

  4. patb2014 says:

    Lovely…thank you

  5. Sarah Dunagan says:

    Beautiful post, Tai!

    Best, Sarah

    Sent from my iPhone; Please excuse typos.


  6. zandra nicolle says:

    mmmmm…what a rich and bountiful life, Tai. Thanks for the glimpse.

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