Ahhhh, The Garden is Planted

Every spring as the ground thaws, my list of things to do in the garden grows longer and faster than my weeds.  I can generally be found wondering: why does it keep on raining, making garden tasks impossible?  How are those weeds growing SO fast?!  And don’t even get me started about how much grass grows when it’s drizzly and un-mowable.

Luckily I’ve gotten some amazing help weeding (thanks Mom and Dad!) and a Memorial Day Weekend of amazing warm dry weather.  Because I’m spending most free moments outside, I’ll fill you in on the garden progress with a few photos.  Happy Gardening!

Weeded Garden

This was the moment when the last wheelbarrow load of weeds was rolled down to the the compost.  Finally I felt victorious (surely temporarily) in our battle with the horsetail forest that grows vigorously in our garden plot.  I clearly didn’t want to remember my weed forest because I didn’t take any photos.  The good news was that the grass, parsnip, and dandelions we battled last year didn’t come back nearly as much.  Slowly we will succeed in turning a fertile field into a bountiful garden!

Planted Garde

Planted Garden2

And then, we got to work planting.  It’s now warm enough to plant nearly everything, especially if you keep your eye on the forecast.  What a relief to see those seedlings happily settling into their homes!

asperagus grilled

Since May is coming to a close, I shouldn’t forget to mention that we’ve been enjoying our first harvests of the year: young greens, tender asparagus shoots, and a variety of rhubarb desserts.  Evan’s determined to have as many grill days as possible this summer, and I’m certainly not going to get in his way!


Of course, good things do come from all those spring showers.  We’ve been blessed by many rainbows this spring, including this one: the most vibrant double rainbow I’ve ever seen.  We live in a truly beautiful bountiful place!

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4 Responses to Ahhhh, The Garden is Planted

  1. Diane says:

    Having just seen your amazing rainbow, I will now quit procrastinating by reading email and FB. And start making dinner.

    Pasta with home/made pesto
    Frittata with thinly sliced red potato, a green pepper and some onion.
    Roasted Brussels sprouts

    Fruit salad with mango, banana, grapes, kiwi, grapefruit, apple.

  2. Olivia says:

    Your posts, especially this one, always make me so happy and inspired, Tai! Keep up the amazing work! Does having a little one on the way make all the work any different/harder? Just planning for the future 😉

    • taidinnan says:

      Thanks Olivia! I’m glad I was in my first trimester in late winter/early spring when there wasn’t anything nice or productive to do outside. I was definitely low energy! Fresh air always made me feel better though. Now that I’m in my second trimester, I have way better energy but am not super into jogging and other more intense jarring forms of exercise… perfect for lots of gardening. It feels very right to be outside in the fresh air connected to the ground and tending the garden 🙂

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