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A New Chapter


I’ve been busy in the real world for these past few months, as the lack of recent blog posts suggests.  Our winter was spent cozily snuggled up at home.  Every waking moment, and some less-wakeful moments, were spent getting to know the newest member of our family.  He joined us on a warm sunny morning after the winter’s first snowstorm.  This humbling, energizing, exhausting, amazing life transition certainly gives me a new perspective on the title of this blog: GrowingStories.

Over the course of the last year my interest in food, the environment, and health has become focused in on the topics of pregnancy, birth, and early child development.  Between diaper changes, nursing sessions, and mommy-son naps, I hope to find time to write posts sharing ideas that resonate with me as I explore these topics.  They will make up a new chapter to this GrowingStories blog.

I’ve already learned so much.  Often it seems that my learning happens just after the moment when it would have been SO helpful to have known!  I hope that the posts I write in the coming months are helpful to anyone out there who is (or will soon be) entering the transition into parenthood.  Maybe my discoveries and conclusions can inform you ahead of time and help you in the many decisions that must be made in pregnancy and parenthood.  Coming posts will also provide friends and family a window into the learning and discoveries that are guiding our journey into this new and exciting chapter of our adult lives.

For the prequel to this new chapter, check out this blog post on the health and lifestyle transitions that led up to my healthy pregnancy.


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