GrowingStories is a compilation of memories, observations, pictures, and stories collected by Tai Dinnan.  Check out her personal website here.  GrowingStories began when Tai was Groundwork Somerville’s Gardens Coordinator.  Readers saw an urban community through rural eyes, remembered what it was like to be as curious as a third grader, learned yummy new recipes for in season veggies, laughed out loud, learned about fun upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, and considered important issues in the fields of sustainable development, education, and urban agriculture.

After seven years of urban living, Tai is now back Vermont where she grew up.  GrowingStories continues to provide seasonal tips, recipes, and stories dreamed up as Tai plays in her garden and kitchen, works with kids outside, and explores her Vermont home with a fresh perspective.

To learn more about Tai’s children’s current programming, consulting services, and teaching philosophy, visit http://taidinnan.wordpress.com/.

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Hey Tai! It’s Helen. Your blog just popped up on my wordpress feed. How random and awesome! I had an inkling from the content so I checked the about page and sure enough, it’s you 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

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