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Felting Acorns in November

Sometimes, it truly makes sense to re-post a blog entry from the same time last year.  There is beauty to seasonal rhythms, and activities that were perfect in November a year ago are likely just right this November too.  Felting in … Continue reading

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November in the Garden and Kitchen

Though we did have some cold windy weather and deep frosts, our first two November weekends have been clear and sunny.  Perfect for wrapping things up in the garden!  At our new house, we had part of our field tilled, … Continue reading

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The Miracle of Playdough

No, the title to this post isn’t a joke.  Playdough is actually miraculous.  I’d been meaning to make autumn colored playdough with my after school students for several weeks.  I love the idea of using spices to color and scent … Continue reading

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Boost Your Immunity with Food

Sorry – there still isn’t a magic pill that will cure your cold, sore throat, runny nose, or cough.  There are, however, some delicious foods that have been known to promote healing and boost immunity.  Even better, almost all of … Continue reading

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Seeds surround us as we transition from summer to winter.  For gardeners, this means that it’s the perfect time to save seeds to plant next year.   Try letting some of your leafy vegetables, like lettuce and cilantro, flower and make … Continue reading

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In Appreciation of Forests

This past weekend I took some time to browse through past blog entries.  I noticed certain seasonal rituals and appreciations repeat themselves year after year.  Every fall, right about now, I renew my love of the forest and trees. As … Continue reading

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Delicious Tomato Cobbler

There is a new recipe to slip into our annual September rhythms of making gallons of salsa, canning tomatoes, pan frying eggplants, eating cherry tomatoes off the vine, and savoring sun ripened fall raspberries. I came across a recipe for Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal Chedder … Continue reading

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