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Tai’s Website: To learn more about Tai’s children’s current programming, consulting services, and teaching philosophy, visit

Lake Champlain Waldorf School: Waldorf education provides a comprehensive, cultural education that encourages students to become creative, balanced, socially responsible adults who love to learn. Lake Champlain Waldorf School endeavors to awaken and preserve the student’s innate sense of wonder, awe, and reverence for life. Infant & Toddler, Kindergarten, Grade School and High School.

The Somerville Community Growing Center: The Growing Center is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to gather, learn and celebrate – to grow community., via facebook, or @somervillecgc

The Environmental Leadership Program: Inspiring visionary, action-oriented and diverse leadership to work for a just and sustainable future., via facebook, or @elpnet

Groundwork Somerville: “Changing Places, Changing Lives:” Groundwork Somerville strives to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement and management of the physical environment through the development of community-based partnerships which empower people, businesses and organizations to promote environmental, economic and social well-being., via facebook, or @gwsomerville

Lewis Creek Association:  Protecting, maintaining and restoring ecological health while promoting social values that support sustainable community development in the Lewis Creek watershed region and Vermont. or via facebook

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