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Winter Recipes

I love cooking in the winter.   Darkness comes early, leaving plenty of time for food prep before I get hungry for dinner.  Warmth and good smells contrast with the brisk cold outdoor air.  And the final result is a … Continue reading

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DIY Maple Sugaring

Up here in Vermont, our temperatures have begun rising above freezing during the day and falling below 32 degrees at night.  That means it’s sugaring season!  Though specialized technology and expensive equipment have been developed to help large sugar-makers boost their production of luxurious … Continue reading

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Campers Dig Green Thumbs Camp!

Eight bright-eyed campers arrived at the Charlotte Central School Garden on Monday morning ready for Green Thumbs Garden Camp.  The cool grass was still wet with dew, but the strong sunlight promised a warm summery day. Though few of the … Continue reading

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Making Salsa with Kids

Salsa is my favorite garden recipe in August.  It can be basic or creative, integrating many of the fruits and veggies that are ripening at this time of year.  Check out last year’s salsa post to see some of my … Continue reading

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More Summer Programming for Kids!

I’m gearing up for a fun summer!  If your family lives in Vermont, check out the additional programs and workshops I’ve added to my summer offerings.  As always, check out http://taidinnan.wordpress.com/programming/ for the latest updates on my kids camps, workshops, and … Continue reading

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Winter Staples: Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is my comfort food.  It warms me up in the winter, I love the way it tastes, it’s very easy to make, it’s a great way to use up old veggies or left overs from the fridge, and … Continue reading

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Late Fall Greens: Chard Recipes

In our garden only leafy greens and root crops remain.  The last lettuce got hit by a hard frost, the spinach was finished off in our salad last week, and arugula stands in scruffy flowering patches.   Chard and kale … Continue reading

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