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Enjoying Raw Milk

Milk.  It’s a simple pure product, right?  The ingredient label is simple – just milk plus a few added vitamins.   The USDA recommends we drink three glasses a day. I started to discover the complicated story of milk after … Continue reading

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Empowering Farm to Cafeteria

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this past weekend’s 6th annual National Farm to Cafeteria Conference.  Burlington has been a hot spot for amazing local food and food systems thinking this summer, and I’ve loved being nearby … Continue reading

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Enjoying Edible Flowers

It’s still spring in the garden.  I’ve satisfied my winter cravings for fresh lettuce and spinach.  The spears of asparagus keep on coming – it still amazes me to see more and more emerge every morning.  Green salads have dominated … Continue reading

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Meet Your Farmer

How do you get eggs from a chicken if they don’t want to give them to you? Is it hot working on a farm? Are cucumbers fruits or vegetables? Do you have to catch the animals to get them on … Continue reading

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Maple Tapping Time

Supporters or the Somerville Maple Syrup will be tapping sugar maple trees on the Tufts Campus this Thursday January 26th at 3pm.  Families, neighbors, students, and anyone interested in participating in this fun outdoor event should gather at the bottom … Continue reading

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Harvest Season…or Festival Season?

September is certainly a time of plenty when it comes to local food in Massachusetts. It also happens to be a season plentiful in great community festivals and events.  Attending these events is a great way to get out, show … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Markets are In Season!

Yesterday my mood was boosted when I happened across a farmer’s market on my way through Harvard Square…I had wanted to celebrate our last Nature Workshop at the Library by eating seeded watermelon and having a seed-spitting contest.  Finding a … Continue reading

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