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Making Soothing Salves

Vermont’s cold dry wintery air has never been a friend to my hands.  Every winter I rely on salve to keep my finger tips from cracking and my knuckles from getting chapped.  This year, I discovered how easy it is … Continue reading

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Savoring Eggplant

This has been a banner year for eggplants in our cold Vermont valley.  They flourished during the summer’s early start and periods of hot dry weather.* After several different cooking experiments, I’ve crafted my favorite eggplant recipe.  Its simplicity brings … Continue reading

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How to use a bunch of cilantro

If you ever need to buy cilantro for a recipe, you know that one bunch is usually way more than you need.  Likewise, many people who planted cilantro in their gardens this spring are producing way more leaves than can … Continue reading

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