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Garden Pest E-rabbit-cation

Err… I mean garden pest eradication.  My focus in the garden has transitioned from weeding to pest eradication.  Yes, there are still weeds, but when I walked through the garden several mornings ago and found pea vines snipped from their … Continue reading

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Know Your Poisonous Plants

Whether you are young or old, if you want to have positive experiences in nature, it’s good to know how to identify the poisonous and irritating plants in your region.  If you work with kids outside, this is especially important! … Continue reading

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Root Season: Parsnips, carrots, and horseradish, oh my!

With a few hard frosts behind us, our options are slimmer if we want to eat straight from the garden.  There are still some great things out there to eat, however, before we dive into our canned and frozen foods … Continue reading

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