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Drink for Good Health

elderberry-kombucha-1When it comes to drinks, I think I’ve found a match made in heaven: I call it Elderberry Kombucha Tonic.

elderberry-syrupI’ve been enjoying sips of Elderberry Syrup all winter long, especially when I feel a twinge in my throat or a tickle in my nose.  The recipe I follow, however, doesn’t have any sour flavors.  With the raw honey, it’s actually quite sweet.  Learn how to make your own by reading this past Growing Stories post.

KombuchaI’ve been brewing kombucha for a few years now and always have a jug of it in the fridge.  I think it’s a healthy, delicious, and refreshing alternative to soda or juice.  All the information you’d ever want to know about kombucha (and maybe more) is available at, so I won’t go into too many details.

With elderberry syrup and kombucha sharing shelf space on the door of our refrigerator, I was bound to discover how well they mix sooner or later.  Mmmmm.  The flavors in both drinks are quite concentrated, so I like to add a few ice cubes or some club soda.  If you’re looking for a great alcoholic drink, dry mixing kombucha, elderberry syrup, and club soda with gin.


Cheers to your health in the new year!